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So That Just Happened

When Robert and I moved to our current property, we didn’t realize that life circumstances would soon throw a wrench into our plans. It meant that our tiny, 800 square feet house would also become the home-base for three different businesses, two of which… Continue Reading “So That Just Happened”

Tidy Red-Tailed

[I can’t change the title now, but I have learned that the hawk in the video below is an Immature Red-shouldered Hawk, not a Red-tailed hawk. edited 1/12/21] We have had far more raccoon, opossum and cat activity at our Butterball Diner (aka Turkey… Continue Reading “Tidy Red-Tailed”

May I Have A Different table?

The continuing saga of my attempt to capture images of the Red-tailed Hawks and the American Crows via our Butterball Turkey lure are most recently chronicled HERE. After a day of rain and temperatures in the 50’s yesterday, today it has plummeted to 20… Continue Reading “May I Have A Different table?”

Butterball Diner Update

As I mentioned earlier, we’ve had some SNAFU’s with the Trail Cam that we set up to observe the turkey lure. Fortunately, the new camera arrived as promised (even during the Christmas rush of package delivery – THANKS delivery personnel!) and it appears to… Continue Reading “Butterball Diner Update”

Size Matters

Yesterday before noon there was mostly sun, with intermittent clouds. The trail cam that was set up by the “Butterball Diner” turkey lure had been running during the night and that morning, so Robert retrieved the SD card and I began the review (more… Continue Reading “Size Matters”

Two Is Better Than One

This post is part of a continuing saga of the Butterball Road Kill (aka Turkey Lure) which is my attempt to capture good quality images of American Crows and the local Hawks in my area. It took a couple of days, but we did… Continue Reading “Two Is Better Than One”

Here… Birdy, Birdy

I love crows. I think of them as the Border Collies of the bird world – they are clever, creative and beautiful in their sleek, jet black feathers. My love for the bird may also be the fact that early in my life I… Continue Reading “Here… Birdy, Birdy”