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Before I started traveling about our property in search of the wildlife that makes a living or simply drops by for a visit here, I really didn’t know about the variety of bird species that use the resources we have on our acreage. In… Continue Reading “A DOZEN SPARROWS”

Little Crowned Prince

I don’t know who names birds. I suppose the person who discovers a new species gets some say, but often the moniker has something to do with what the animal looks like. There’s a White-throated Sparrow. But, it could have been dubbed the White-chinned… Continue Reading “Little Crowned Prince”

Cute Hat!

These cute, little birds are White-crowned Sparrows. They migrate through my area during the Spring and Fall migrations. I see them up on the patio where they tend to hop around on the ground under the feeders, and less frequently up on the feeders.… Continue Reading “Cute Hat!”