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Tree Swallows

We currently have four pairs of Tree Swallows in various stages of raising their first broods. The above photo is the pair that has chicks that are quite close to fledging. Box S is on our East property line, along a hedge row. In… Continue Reading “Tree Swallows”

Nest Box Status – May

It was about a month ago since I posted about the status of the birds that use our nest boxes NEST BOX CHECK. Many things have transpired since then. Here’s what’s going on: Box A2 (Northwest corner of property) This Bluebird couple just fledged… Continue Reading “Nest Box Status – May”

Not Impressed?

It was at quite a distance, so the images are not great, but I was privy to a Tree Swallow breeding. The nest box is nearby and I first saw the beginning of a nest about 5 days ago.I’m not sure if the female… Continue Reading “Not Impressed?”

Building A Better Bird House

About a decade ago we graciously accepted Mother Nature’s bit to assume control of our farm in rural Illinois.  After raising sheep for years, we retired from competitive herding trials with our Border Collies.  We sold the sheep and turned our efforts to training… Continue Reading “Building A Better Bird House”

Growing Up

It is hard work to raise a brood of chicks from hatch to fledging. The Tree Swallows at the PVC box near the pond are incredibly dedicated to the task, as shown in this series of photos I took yesterday (6/11/22.) The parents were… Continue Reading “Growing Up”


These Tree Swallow chicks are getting big enough to be seen in the nest box. What goes in must come out – this image shows the unpleasant duty of removing poop from the nest. When I was filming this pair, the female arrived a… Continue Reading “Begging”

Feeding the Kids

The Tree Swallows in the new PVC nest box on the East side of the pond are busy feeding their chicks. Here are a couple of videos. Turn up the sound if you would like to hear the background sounds of other bird songs.… Continue Reading “Feeding the Kids”

Tree Swallow Video

This post adds video to the post I just uploaded describing the interesting behavior of the Tree Swallows at nest box #22.

Nest Box Status

After several days of rain and dreary weather, I was able to get out in the brilliant sun on April 30 and May 1. May 1 was my birthday, so it was especially nice to experience the tranquillity and vibrancy of Spring. I can’t… Continue Reading “Nest Box Status”

A Week of Images

I’ve been busy with normal stuff, but I’ve also had time to go out around the property to see what’s happening. Yet, I just checked and my last blog post was April 8. That’s almost a week ago. I have beautiful things to share,… Continue Reading “A Week of Images”