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Tree Swallow pair during the incubation phase. I would speculate that the female is setting on eggs and her mate comes to relieve her so she can get a bite to eat. It’s fairly common that I don’t see a bird peering out, but… Continue Reading “TRANSLATE THIS #1”

Swarming on a different level

Last week I began seeing Tree Swallows. They were returning after spending the winter in the warmer zones of Florida and down through Mexico. Yesterday, I witnessed something I hadn’t seen before. My mind immediately asked the question, “Is Tree Swallow swarming a thing?”… Continue Reading “Swarming on a different level”

Nest Box Status Update!

It’s mid April and the birds are making preparations for their breeding season, and some are already in full swing. For a few species, this includes using the nest boxes that we provide. The above diagram shows the nest boxes we offer to the… Continue Reading “Nest Box Status Update!”