Tag: white-tailed deer

A surprise encounter

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting in the golf cart hoping to film a few birds at the mature apple tree by our old barn. There’s a 100 foot long alley that connects some of the old herding trial fields near that tree and after… Continue Reading “A surprise encounter”

Oh Deer, Oh Deer

I had turned south along a mowed path that ran parallel to the pond, which was to my left. The tall trees that create a hedge row (to my right) had all but prevented my view of what was to come. As I rounded… Continue Reading “Oh Deer, Oh Deer”

Doe, A Deer

This white-tailed deer was on the other side of the hedgerow, in the neighbor’s soybean field. I was sitting in the middle of our recently cut hay field when I noticed the movement, but wasn’t sure what I was observing. Then, rather than stay… Continue Reading “Doe, A Deer”

Butterball Diner Update

As I mentioned earlier, we’ve had some SNAFU’s with the Trail Cam that we set up to observe the turkey lure. Fortunately, the new camera arrived as promised (even during the Christmas rush of package delivery – THANKS delivery personnel!) and it appears to… Continue Reading “Butterball Diner Update”