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Rear Window

In the 1954 Alfred Hitchcock movie, Rear Window, Jimmy Stewart plays a photojournalist who recently broke his leg. To alleviate his boredom while confined to a wheelchair, he takes up peering out of his back window at his neighbors. When we first built our… Continue Reading “Rear Window”

Fruit, Nuts and Worms

I have become increasingly smitten with the White-crowned Sparrows that seem to be sticking around for the winter. They are outrageously photogenic – which for me means they sit still while I get the shot in focus! Their feathers of many colors also result… Continue Reading “Fruit, Nuts and Worms”

My Current Fav

In earlier posts I have questioned the rationale behind a bird’s name. My current favorite bird is no exception. The Tufted Titmouse clearly has an odd moniker. With a bit of research I discovered that the Tufted Titmouse’s name comes from Old English words… Continue Reading “My Current Fav”