Tag: Wild Birds

Lucky Encounter

Earlier this month, on one of the only sunny days, I saw a little bird perched in a scrub tree as I entered the upper pond lookout. I wasn’t sure if it was “just” a Song Sparrow. There are a lot of those birds… Continue Reading “Lucky Encounter”


Poor little Carolina Wren is getting a bit tousled by the intense wind as she clings to the branch of a small shrub and attempts to do a bit of preening. I’m happy to have captured these images. When I first saw movement in… Continue Reading “Disheveled”


We feed wild birds. The goal is to supplement their diet in winter when food is scarce. Additionally, there are times (like the very deep freeze we experienced only a couple of weeks ago) that the energy it might take to secure food exceeds… Continue Reading “Natural”

Rear Window

In the 1954 Alfred Hitchcock movie, Rear Window, Jimmy Stewart plays a photojournalist who recently broke his leg. To alleviate his boredom while confined to a wheelchair, he takes up peering out of his back window at his neighbors. When we first built our… Continue Reading “Rear Window”

Sparrows Under Glass

It’s too cold. Too cold to let the dogs outside for more than a few minutes. Too cold to drive to town without preparing for a serious emergency. Too cold for birds. Oh, the birds. It’s so cold for those tiny little creatures that,… Continue Reading “Sparrows Under Glass”

Lovin’ The Rustic Look

I take pictures, but I’m not really a photographer. I keep the camera setting on auto-focus because I can’t fathom having to do that on my own with the speed and directional changes that birds make. I only minimally understand the lighting “stuff” about… Continue Reading “Lovin’ The Rustic Look”

It’s A Boy! I think.

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to film a female Purple Finch at the platform feeder in the Pond Meadow. You can read about that HERE. While this is a year when it was more possible than other years, it was still an unlikely event… Continue Reading “It’s A Boy! I think.”


Birds live in trees. I get it. But, why do those branches have to get in the way of a pretty photo? Yesterday, after several days of overcast skies, rain and then snow, I endured the cold in order to take advantage of a… Continue Reading “Obscured”


This Red-bellied woodpecker performed her standard routine. Call from across the meadow. Fly to the hedgerow which contains the feeding station. Scan the situation. Make a final approach to a nearby tree top. Swoop in, select, and go! I’ve seen (and filmed) this action… Continue Reading “Grab AND GO”

Finch Fun

House Finches comprise a large percentage of the birds that visit the platform feeder in the Pond Meadow. For that reason, they are always available to film. But, for that same reason, sometimes I look elsewhere to aim my camera as I feel like… Continue Reading “Finch Fun”