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Good catch

Snap. Snap. Snap. Three images. A juvenile White-crowned Sparrow has sights on a different branch. The Mockingbird seems oblivious to his travels.

My Current Fav

In earlier posts I have questioned the rationale behind a bird’s name. My current favorite bird is no exception. The Tufted Titmouse clearly has an odd moniker. With a bit of research I discovered that the Tufted Titmouse’s name comes from Old English words… Continue Reading “My Current Fav”


Earlier this autumn, Robert and I put up two owl boxes and a Wood duck box that I acquired from Etsy craftsmen. One Owl box is hung under the eves of the open side of our old barn. One is on a pole backed… Continue Reading “wE’LL sEE”


The weather hasn’t been as accommodating as it may have been. Rain, high winds and cold temperatures make it challenging to get out to see what’s happening with our avian friends. We were fortunate to get a couple of days of intermittent sun, and… Continue Reading “Birds”

Red – The Color To Welcome The Holidays

The Northern Cardinal remains here all year long. We are so fortunate to have the splash of vivid red through the dreary days of winter. The falling of the Fall foliage now permits us to see the bird in all his glory. Cardinals announce… Continue Reading “Red – The Color To Welcome The Holidays”

What A Cutie!

Check out the hair-do on this Downy Woodpecker. OK. To be honest, there was a stiff breeze and the wind was causing his feathers to ruffle. But, regardless of cause, he’s quite captivating. Don’t you agree? Even from a different position, and a more… Continue Reading “What A Cutie!”


I’ve said this before – I am an amateur photographer and a newbie “birder.” Sometimes I evaluate my projects against a standard that I’m trying to reach, rather than for what I actually see before me. Today, I headed out to see what was… Continue Reading “Subdued”


Because I am usually trying to display a bird’s unique characteristics, I usually crop photos to present just the bird. In reality, the bird is a tiny bit of information in the middle of the photo because typically I have to maintain my distance… Continue Reading “Serenity”

Have a Little Suet With Your seed

I had never heard of a Pine Siskin until earlier this autumn when there was an “irruption” of the species. An irruptive migration is when the species travels further than normal. From what I read, the Pine Siskins came farther south this fall due… Continue Reading “Have a Little Suet With Your seed”

Late Autumn

It was cold today. The wind was fierce. I wore two hats and a hood to remain on the edge of comfort while I sat patiently waiting for a special moment to materialize. It was worth it. Here are my favorites for the day.… Continue Reading “Late Autumn”