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Getting the Shot

I remember growing up in a small town in northern Illinois in a typical neighborhood. Like us, many of our neighbors had your standard, concrete bird bath and a feeder or two to welcome the wild birds closer to home. Just outside the door… Continue Reading “Getting the Shot”

Take Turns

Each day since we put up the feeding station in the Pond Meadow, I get the sense that more birds are feeling comfortable checking out this new option for resources. I recently posted photos of a Northern Mockingbird that took advantage of the fresh… Continue Reading “Take Turns”

Fresh Produce

Several weeks ago I hung an apple in a tree and lured Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, Catbirds and House Finches in for a snack. When we put up a new feeding platform out in the Pond Meadow, I thought we might be able to satisfy the… Continue Reading “Fresh Produce”

Little Crowned Prince

I don’t know who names birds. I suppose the person who discovers a new species gets some say, but often the moniker has something to do with what the animal looks like. There’s a White-throated Sparrow. But, it could have been dubbed the White-chinned… Continue Reading “Little Crowned Prince”

Caught In Flight

It was a lovely, sunny day on November 8, and I took advantage of that natural light to film the birds that had found our new feeding station. It’s located well away from the house, with the hopes that the more “flighty” species might… Continue Reading “Caught In Flight”

The Elusive One

Since I first learned how to recognize the vocalization of the Carolina Wren, I heard it nearly daily throughout the summer. The birders apply the phrase, teakettle-teakettle-teakettle to distinguish its song. it’s a crisp, clear tune that I heard bursting from several different locations… Continue Reading “The Elusive One”


A few days ago, Robert and I set up a new bird feeding station out in the north end of the Pond Meadow. I have feeders on my back patio that support some of the more common species like Goldfinches, House Finches, an occasional… Continue Reading “And….Action!”


Until I was able to lighten the image on my computer, I had only observed the silhouette of a black bird with a long beak. I thought it was probably a Starling! But, it was a Northern Flicker. A few days earlier, I had… Continue Reading “Flicker”

If You Look, You Will See

There’s an iconic saying from the movie, Field of Dreams. “If you build it, they will come.” I felt that way when we put up our first hummingbird feeder, our first Bluebird house and even the first bird seed feeder. Put it out there,… Continue Reading “If You Look, You Will See”

Gold Is Always In Season

Yesterday I gingerly opened my office door to the patio. There were birds on the feeders, and I hoped to catch them. Alas, they flew off. I knew the routine. They would come back if I was patient and remained still. It worked. A… Continue Reading “Gold Is Always In Season”