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A Great White – but not a shark

This is a Great Egret. This species is not terribly common in my neck of the woods. We appear to be on the line between breeding area and only migration. I’ve seen one before on our property (last year or maybe the year before… Continue Reading “A Great White – but not a shark”


The wild birds have been suffering through extreme cold. While they obviously need more calories as they expend to keep warm, they also need fresh water, and a lot of it. The more you eat the more you need to drink! This American Goldfinch… Continue Reading “I’VE GOT YOUR BACK”

The Eyes Have It

I have a friend who asks the same question each time he seems impressed with one of my photos. “Did you get a new lens?” I still have the same lens (300 mm zoom) that I’ve had since I first created this Blog. But,… Continue Reading “The Eyes Have It”