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The Blue Grosbeak

This summer I missed seeing a few species of birds that I had observed in previous years. The melodious Northern Mockingbirds were missing as were the lovely Goldfinches. I’m happy to have filmed a juvenile Mockingbird in late August and I’ve heard Goldfinches many… Continue Reading “The Blue Grosbeak”

Hummer in the Milkweed

Yesterday, Robert counted 21 hummingbirds at our feeders! I suspect that the parents are bringing their fledglings to show them how to negotiate the “artificial flowers” before their exceedingly long (especially for such a tiny bird with a super fast metabolism) migration. When he… Continue Reading “Hummer in the Milkweed”


It was 1978. I was in Kruger National Park in South Africa with my AFS (foreign exchange) host family. We had risen before sunrise to get a bite to eat and pack into the car just as the sunlight broke at the horizon. Our… Continue Reading “BIRD ON A WIRE”

Butterball Diner Update

As I mentioned earlier, we’ve had some SNAFU’s with the Trail Cam that we set up to observe the turkey lure. Fortunately, the new camera arrived as promised (even during the Christmas rush of package delivery – THANKS delivery personnel!) and it appears to… Continue Reading “Butterball Diner Update”