To create and then publish a book is an exhilarating adventure. It is a journey that begins with an idea and ends with an actual material thing that has substance both physically and intellectually – perhaps even spiritually.

I have read that up to 90% of Americans admit they want to write a book. I get that. The first time I considered it, I was just six years old. I remember tending to a lime green, three-ring binder that was filled with lose leaf paper. During the summers when I was eight, nine and ten years old, I would lay on my belly in the den, legs bend upwards towards the ceiling, number-2 pencil in my hand, and I would write my novel. It was about Jamie, a young girl who lived on a ranch in Montana. She had an overly strict father and a little-girl-crush relationship with a ranch hand named Michael. In the bunk house on the other side of the barn, he allowed her to hide a baby wolf pup that she found abandoned while riding her trusted steed, Star, in the mountains. Hmm. Just writing that memory makes me want to renew that story, again!

And, yet, that will probably never happen because I have three or four other books already in cue – in various states of completion. There’s How to Love a Dog. It offers advice by way of recounting conversations I have had with actual clients. It presents information from the dog’s perspective on how humans can help their pets feel the love they believe they are exuding – but which is usually just terribly confusing to the pup. Jerry-Rigged is the true story of, probably, the most outrageous 10 days of my life. More on that later. And then there’s My Complicated Simple Life. It is my first true fiction novel which culminates in an incredibly surprising ending. I’m hoping I can pull that off! All these manuscripts are taking up space on my hard drive, waiting for my full, undivided attention.

At the most inopportune moments, thoughts come to me, whether as an exceptional sentence, the idea for a chapter or the theme for a book. They pop into my head when I am swimming, driving, or falling into slumber at the end of a long day. When such inspiration strikes, I find myself repeating the phrase over and over again with the hope of recalling the brilliance at a time more suitable for writing. Sometimes, I am successful. Most of the time I am left alone with the knowledge that I had a splendid idea for a dazzling book…it just slipped my mind.

While I know there are so many brilliant ideas lost simply because life happens, I am confident that I can and will complete and publish many more books. In this section of my blog, I will share thoughts, successes, failures and advice about that journey.

Here are some of my publications.

My first book – traditionally published and fully illustrated. Dog Training & Tricks offers a balanced approach to training your canine companion.

Dog Algebra

When cat = 100 and hotdog = 4, how many sausages does it take to convince Buddy he must stop chasing felines?

Selecting the right method for the problem is discussed in an easy to understand, entertaining manner.

10 Most Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make

When I decided to take a one year hiatus to write Shamaron-Dog Devoted, I realized that emails and telephone calls with questions about dog training weren’t going to simply disappear. So, I wrote this book, first. Presenting real life examples of the most common struggles that dog owners face, it is an invaluable, and quick read.

Shamaron – Dog Devoted

This is the book I wanted to write for years. Chronicling the partnership I developed with my first Border Collie – a dog I never really knew I wanted – it takes the reader on an incredible journey. Eloquently describing the rials, tribulations, tears and triumphs I shared with one, incredibly special dog, it is a book that all dog lovers will enjoy.

The Sweet Scent of Hay

A memoir. I didn’t really have a choice whether to write this book or not. I was driven to do so through signs that simply wouldn’t go away until I hit the “publish” button after all the words were scribed.

Remembering Persimmon is an author illustrated children’s book. It is one in a series of books I created covering topics that parents and other family members requested about various struggles that kids face. This book tackles the tough subject of losing a cherished pet.

I hope to combine my kid’s book collection into a single book, which will make it more economical.

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