Month: August 2020

I Love This

Last month, an Eastern Bluebird couple nested in a box on the north fence line (#13), but within a couple of days of hatching, the chicks were killed by House Wrens which then built their own nest on top of the Bluebirds’ nest. It… Continue Reading “I Love This”

Isn’t Life Splendid?

The Bluebird couple that is raising a brood on the East fence – south box (#15) was busy today. Their chicks are really developing, and the bugs they are taking to them are getting substantial in size. This first set of photos is the… Continue Reading “Isn’t Life Splendid?”

Some day Your Prince Will Come

On the day I witnessed the Eastern Kingbirds hunting in the pasture (last published post) I arrived back to the house, parked the golf cart near my office patio deck, and walked past my patio pond. There I saw this chap sitting atop the… Continue Reading “Some day Your Prince Will Come”

There’s A King In The Meadow!

The Eastern Kingbird is one of my favorite birds. It has a noble name and I happen to believe it behaves in quite a stately manner, which supports that royal moniker. It’s a fairly large bird. That means that my old, reduced-vision eyes can… Continue Reading “There’s A King In The Meadow!”

Hummer Frenzy

The weather shifted, rain arrived and the temperature dropped by at least fifteen degrees in a matter of hours. If you are a hummingbird, that’s a big deal. These little birds need to take in a lot of energy because they use a lot… Continue Reading “Hummer Frenzy”