Month: August 2020

The Dog With Eighteen Elbows

Following up on my goal of sharing some writing which is lingering to become a book, here’s a chapter I pulled from my intended tome “The Dog Trainer’s Guide to Human Happiness.” See the prologue that I posted a couple of days ago HERE.… Continue Reading “The Dog With Eighteen Elbows”


I offer you photos of newborn puppies. They are still a little wet from whelping. The photo above is the mama with her first born. It helps provide a perspective on their diminutive size. She looks so happy. Isn’t life amazing?

To Write

If you have seen my posts over the past few months, it’s clear that I have spent much of my time traveling around the property, practicing my new photography hobby and posting the images of the flora and fauna I filmed on this blog.… Continue Reading “To Write”

Mocking a King

When I arrived on the southwest side of the pond, I saw a flurry of activity in the trees. Kingbirds. They were flying about as I had witnessed earlier in the week over in Sham’s Paddock. I figured it was parents with their youngsters.… Continue Reading “Mocking a King”

Just Checkin’ In

This Yellow Swallowtail butterfly appears to be checking in on the Bluebird chicks that are in this box. Since I equate butterflies with my mother who has passed, I found this image very sweet.

Autumn Cometh

The change of season slowly advances until one day it becomes a feeling. The air is drier. The evening temperature dips. I feel invigorated by a sense of anticipation – but for what I do not specifically recognize. My mind seems clearer, maybe a… Continue Reading “Autumn Cometh”

Find It!

Below you will find a series of photos that contain at least one bird. Your goal, if you choose to accept it, is to find the bird or birds hidden in the image. These are actual photos that I took in the past couple… Continue Reading “Find It!”

What’s Going On At Box 14?

A Bluebird pair that was displaced by House Wren in Box #13 at the north end of Jaye’s Pasture succeeded in finding alternate accommodations in Box #14 at the north end of the East fence. It was fairly late in the season, so I… Continue Reading “What’s Going On At Box 14?”

Mother N’s Jewelry Box

Wow, right? If you were a jeweler, you could design a ring, broach, necklace or earrings inspired by any of of Mother Nature’s precious gems. I am so fortunate to live alongside these jewels.

Take My Picture

On occasion I get the feeling that the birds around here understand my gig. “Tammie’s on her way out to the Pond Meadow, if you want your photo taken, now’s the time to get over there!” On the contrary, when I go out with… Continue Reading “Take My Picture”