Month: March 2020

House Finches

The House Finch is a fairly common species in my area of the country. But, it’s still a delight to catch a glimpse of the raspberry red flash of color when the male comes into the yard. The female doesn’t don any bright plumage,… Continue Reading “House Finches”

More Bluebird Magic

The sun finally came out and I was able to shoot some images of our Bluebird pair as they continue to make their home in the birch stump box on the south fence of my office patio yard. The first two images are a… Continue Reading “More Bluebird Magic”

Building a Nest

On March 27, 2020, I ventured out to the patio, again without a tripod and again on a cloudy day. Hence, these photos are not as clear as I would like. But, I couldn’t resist capturing some shots of the female Eastern Bluebird while… Continue Reading “Building a Nest”

Bluebirds – action Shots

The header photo is a female Eastern Bluebird (the one that is claiming a nest box on the south fence of my office patio yard.) She took flight from her position near the box and I just snapped. The box is over 50 feet… Continue Reading “Bluebirds – action Shots”

Tree Swallows!

On March 25th, Robert and I were working on a project in my office patio yard when birds beckoned to be filmed. I ran to get my camera and was able to capture these photos of Tree Swallows. We have four nest boxes on… Continue Reading “Tree Swallows!”

Bluebirds in Spring!

For the past few days I have been fortunate to capture some inspiring images of a pair of Eastern Bluebirds. They have come back to a faux birch wood nest box that we hung on a fence. Last year, they fledged their young from… Continue Reading “Bluebirds in Spring!”

Hydroponics – Mung Bean finale

I’ve drained, dried and put the Mung bean sprouts in the refrigerator for later use in a recipe that I have yet to determine. The countertop sprouts project was a fun first attempt at hydroponics. I will definitely do it again. I have just… Continue Reading “Hydroponics – Mung Bean finale”

Training a Dog To alert To a Sound

I’m compiling videos we have taken over the past several weeks to prepare for a Handler Instruction class this weekend. The dogs’ owners are coming to partner with their newly trained Service Dogs. This video is showing Mordecai alerting to a sound by jumping… Continue Reading “Training a Dog To alert To a Sound”

Hydroponics – Day Six

Project One – Countertop Sprouts My last post showed the delicious results of harvesting half the alfalfa sprouts for sandwich fixins’ Photo below is what remains. I think it’s sandwiches again tonight for dinner! The header photo and the one below show Mung bean… Continue Reading “Hydroponics – Day Six”

Hydroponics – Time To Eat!

Countertop Sprouts – DELICIOUS! The alfalfa sprouts were ready to eat by dinner time on Day Five of their growth. I harvested about half of them from the jar by filling it to the top and allowing the loose hulls to flow over and… Continue Reading “Hydroponics – Time To Eat!”