Month: August 2021

‘Scuze me, Just Got Out Of The Bath

As I sat filming the half dozen or so butterflies feeding from the wildflowers that thrive at the the north end of the pond, I began hearing the chirp-chirp of a Common Yellow-throat. Yes, it’s a common bird – I hear them in many… Continue Reading “‘Scuze me, Just Got Out Of The Bath”

Let It Be Native – Please

First, purple is my absolute favorite color. Let that be known. There’s a wildflower which grows around our property that blooms at this time of year. It has the most interesting pineapple inspired buds that burst into brilliant purple blooms which look like an… Continue Reading “Let It Be Native – Please”

Here’s Stubby

Except for the dozen or so Ruby-throated hummingbirds that are consuming about 6 cups of nectar every day as they attempt to put on sufficient weight for their outrageously long migration coming up, it’s been very quiet here regarding bird activity. I saw a… Continue Reading “Here’s Stubby”

Levels of Ruby

Only the male Ruby-throated Hummingbird has the distinctive ruby throat. On occasion, I have been confused by a male that is holding back displaying his iridescent red feathers – thinking the bird was a female. Depending upon the light and the way the bird… Continue Reading “Levels of Ruby”

The Birds & The Bees

Earlier I posted a couple of photos of the Bumble Bees that have been taking advantage of the nectar we offer to the Hummingbirds. I was able to get some photos of Hummers feeding in the presence of the bees. They truly don’t seem… Continue Reading “The Birds & The Bees”

It’s Hot!

This little House Wren was panting quite a bit when I encountered him in the late afternoon. At first I thought it was a recent hatchling and he was open-jawed awaiting a feeding from his parent. Then I captured him singing. I’m pretty sure… Continue Reading “It’s Hot!”

Bumble Bee Sugar-Fest

I’m not exactly certain why we have so many bees visiting the nectar feeders this year. It’s outrageously more than in previous times. I believe that these are Common Eastern Bumble Bees. As I try to determine the reason for the bees’ apparent need… Continue Reading “Bumble Bee Sugar-Fest”

Doe, A Deer

This white-tailed deer was on the other side of the hedgerow, in the neighbor’s soybean field. I was sitting in the middle of our recently cut hay field when I noticed the movement, but wasn’t sure what I was observing. Then, rather than stay… Continue Reading “Doe, A Deer”

The Next Generation

Nature is amazing. An example is the Ruby-throated hummingbird. As referenced HERE, this tiny bird weighs just 3-4 grams. In comparison, a US nickel weighs about 5 grams. Twice a year they make an incredible journey – first to winter over in Central America… Continue Reading “The Next Generation”