Month: January 2021


It was 1978. I was in Kruger National Park in South Africa with my AFS (foreign exchange) host family. We had risen before sunrise to get a bite to eat and pack into the car just as the sunlight broke at the horizon. Our… Continue Reading “BIRD ON A WIRE”


Birds live in trees. I get it. But, why do those branches have to get in the way of a pretty photo? Yesterday, after several days of overcast skies, rain and then snow, I endured the cold in order to take advantage of a… Continue Reading “Obscured”


In my recent post of the four week old puppies (SMILE!) I eluded to the fact that taking photos of baby puppies can be quite a challenge. I was not exaggerating when I wrote that I took 3,224 photos as we tried to capture… Continue Reading “Out-Takes”


This Red-bellied woodpecker performed her standard routine. Call from across the meadow. Fly to the hedgerow which contains the feeding station. Scan the situation. Make a final approach to a nearby tree top. Swoop in, select, and go! I’ve seen (and filmed) this action… Continue Reading “Grab AND GO”


These puppies were born on Christmas Day. They are four weeks old in these photos. Of course, they received holiday inspired puppy names. Really? Does it come any more delicious? Some of them even smiled for the camera! While, others showed their more serious… Continue Reading “SMILE!”

A Caged Bird

A few weeks ago I began seeing more European Starlings around our place. A couple days after that, a large flock descended into the tree tops. Starlings are an invasive species that can cause havoc on native cavity nesting birds. That doesn’t mean they… Continue Reading “A Caged Bird”


This Red-bellied Woodpecker calls out from across the meadow. I hear it over my left shoulder – her standard starting point. It’s a signal that she’s on her way over to the feeder. Next, out of the corner of my eye, I often catch… Continue Reading “RUSTIC”

Twenty-One Days

Blind. Deaf. Unable to thermoregulate. Puppies are born into this world with a powerful sense of smell and an even stronger instinct to use it to find their mother. There is nothing that drives them more than to seek warmth and nutrition from that… Continue Reading “Twenty-One Days”


I’ll Take It To Go, Thanks.

I was surprised when we put out our turkey lure (the situation of some debate) that we didn’t catch very many night visitors. What it tells me is that our property (and the land around us) only sustains so many individuals of a given… Continue Reading “I’ll Take It To Go, Thanks.”