Category: Poetry Prose

Late July

The air is hot. Still, recent rain retains the greenness of the place. The red clover carpets the pastures, offering nectar to those which seek it. Black-eyed Susans burst proudly upwards towards the sun While butterflies flit about the wild flowers And fly catchers… Continue Reading “Late July”

A Crow

Back in or around 1998 I wrote the following poem. While I called it Raven, it was in fact an American Crow with whom I had the brief encounter about which I write. I suppose I thought that the term Raven was a bit… Continue Reading “A Crow”

Lessons My Dogs Have Taught Me

When choosing how to best populate this blog with valuable, interesting and uplifting information, I decided to look back into the old, dusty file folders on my computer. I found this gem. The messages below grew from the relationships I had with my first… Continue Reading “Lessons My Dogs Have Taught Me”