Month: November 2022

Catching UP

After what had been a lovely early autumn, the weather turned, skies became gray and brought with them cold winds. “Real” work consumed my time and I realized that I hadn’t been out and about – hoping to film the beauty around our farm… Continue Reading “Catching UP”

The Charming House Finch

This species is a year round resident here in Illinois. I often see them in pairs during both the breeding and non-breeding (winter) season. I find that an endearing quality. Interestingly, they are not a native species to the Eastern USA (East of the… Continue Reading “The Charming House Finch”

Mitigating Self-harm Behavior with a Service Dog

A common request that we receive from clients who hope a Service Dog will help mitigate a psychiatric disability is to interrupt the handler’s behavior.  That could be actions associated with a panic attack, a spiraling PTSD episode, a self-harming behavior or many other… Continue Reading “Mitigating Self-harm Behavior with a Service Dog”

Physical versus Psychiatric Service Dog Training

Service Dogs can be trained to help mitigate many types of disabilities.  Some dogs are taught to perform a physical activity like pressing a button to open a door, providing mobility support or retrieving a fallen object.  In that sense, the physical service dog… Continue Reading “Physical versus Psychiatric Service Dog Training”

Yes, It Works

We got our start training Service Dogs not by hanging a shingle and proclaiming that we were Service Dog Trainers, rather by request.   We were professional dog trainers with many years of experience, but we had never trained a Service Dog when a local… Continue Reading “Yes, It Works”

All That Glitters

The 2021/2022 winter season for birds was a bit sketchy. First, the Avian Flu was cause for officials to suggest removing wild bird feeders. Finches, like the American Goldfinch also presented with avian conjunctivitis, a highly transmissible eye disease and doubled the recommendation to… Continue Reading “All That Glitters”

Camo Sparrow

I was just about to head home after hanging out around a seed feeder we fill during the winter season. I was also running the Merlin Bird ID app which listens and then reports if it hears a bird and what species best matches… Continue Reading “Camo Sparrow”

Pics & Crafts

I love taking photos of the wildlife around our farm, especially the birds. I also enjoy creating art – anything from watercolor painting to unique food gifts. Here’s are a few samples of how I combine photography with electronic imagery. I don’t alter the… Continue Reading “Pics & Crafts”

Sparrow, sparrow, sparrow, sparrow

During a ninety minute visit around the property, I observed four different sparrow species and my Merlin bird ID app identified the vocalizations of two additional sparrows, for a grand total of six sparrow in under two hours! Here are some of those cuties!… Continue Reading “Sparrow, sparrow, sparrow, sparrow”