Month: April 2022

Sing it!

When I moved down to south-central Illinois from southern Wisconsin, I came to realize there were many bird species here that I had never seen up north. One such bird is the Brown Thrasher. I had never even heard of it. Looking at its… Continue Reading “Sing it!”


Tree Swallow pair during the incubation phase. I would speculate that the female is setting on eggs and her mate comes to relieve her so she can get a bite to eat. It’s fairly common that I don’t see a bird peering out, but… Continue Reading “TRANSLATE THIS #1”


There is no morality in Nature. No Right. No Wrong. It is, as Darwin discovered and penned for the world to ponder, “survival of the fittest.” So, while my heart feels a bit heavy to share this, it is what it is. The Bluebirds… Continue Reading “Competition”

A Solitary Life

It’s been cold, rainy and dreary here for days, but I finally got the chance to see what was happening on the “wild side” of our property. From across the pond I saw the tiniest movement and aimed my camera. About ten feet to… Continue Reading “A Solitary Life”

Marital Bliss?

Observing wild birds, especially during the breeding season, reminds me how closely related we are to other species. At the beginning of the breeding season, Tree Swallow pairs must find a suitable nesting site. It can be a “natural” cavity, or one that was… Continue Reading “Marital Bliss?”

Little Cuties – Grebes

On a cold and dreary day last week, I saw this pair of Pied-billed Grebes negotiating fairly substantial swells on our farm pond. I think these birds are super cute. They swim very low in the water, are small and often hang out around… Continue Reading “Little Cuties – Grebes”

Spring Happiness!

Yesterday, I checked the nest boxes. From a look-see a week ago, I knew that we had two boxes with a couple bluebird eggs each, so I couldn’t wait to see the progress. BOX # 21 (southwest end of property) Last year, this box… Continue Reading “Spring Happiness!”

Tree Swallow Video

This post adds video to the post I just uploaded describing the interesting behavior of the Tree Swallows at nest box #22.

Swarming on a different level

Last week I began seeing Tree Swallows. They were returning after spending the winter in the warmer zones of Florida and down through Mexico. Yesterday, I witnessed something I hadn’t seen before. My mind immediately asked the question, “Is Tree Swallow swarming a thing?”… Continue Reading “Swarming on a different level”

Mouse in the House

Last autumn, at the end of the Bluebird nesting season and before winter’s wrath, Robert and I drove around the property to clean all the nest boxes. We wanted them to be ready for the arrival of the birds in Spring. In several boxes… Continue Reading “Mouse in the House”