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A Last Minute Gift

My office-patio rose bush has granted me a final, few roses for the season. Blooming brilliantly next to the lovely autumn colored rose hips which are adorned with fall spider webs, the red flower pops.

Chili! Hot Chili, Here!

In my quest to turn our autumn bounty into something delicious, I created a small batch of chili sauce. I used three jalapenos (red and green), a poblano, three of the super hot, cayenne peppers and three of the ones I cannot identify because… Continue Reading “Chili! Hot Chili, Here!”

Dang! That’s Delicious!

As you may know from an earlier post, we harvested a good number of apples considering we are just two people to feed, and the fact that all but one tree is just a few year old. Today, I decided to try my hand… Continue Reading “Dang! That’s Delicious!”

$19.99 + water + Sun + Patience

When we moved into our new home on Christmas eve 2016, I had so many plans for the property. But, it was winter and I could only dream. We set the house nearly 200 feet back from the road and my vision was to… Continue Reading “$19.99 + water + Sun + Patience”

Pepper Jelly!

As I mentioned in an earlier POST, I grew a few varieties of peppers this year with the intention of making some kick-ass hot sauce. However, as I was examining the bounty I decided to try my culinary hand at jalapeno jelly – without… Continue Reading “Pepper Jelly!”

Pepper Harvest

Peppers of all types are suitable for container gardening. To avoid having to get down to ground level (due to mobility issues, to prevent weed growth and to manage them best) I tend to grow herbs, tomatoes and peppers in containers. My favorite are… Continue Reading “Pepper Harvest”

Hydroponics Update

Back in March I endeavored on my first counter-top hydroponics projects. I sprouted alfalfa and mung beans in jars. They were a success, as you can see the final results HERE. I also started arugula and lettuce seeds, first in trays and then I… Continue Reading “Hydroponics Update”

Hydroponics – Mung Bean finale

I’ve drained, dried and put the Mung bean sprouts in the refrigerator for later use in a recipe that I have yet to determine. The countertop sprouts project was a fun first attempt at hydroponics. I will definitely do it again. I have just… Continue Reading “Hydroponics – Mung Bean finale”

Hydroponics – Day Six

Project One – Countertop Sprouts My last post showed the delicious results of harvesting half the alfalfa sprouts for sandwich fixins’ Photo below is what remains. I think it’s sandwiches again tonight for dinner! The header photo and the one below show Mung bean… Continue Reading “Hydroponics – Day Six”

Hydroponics – Time To Eat!

Countertop Sprouts – DELICIOUS! The alfalfa sprouts were ready to eat by dinner time on Day Five of their growth. I harvested about half of them from the jar by filling it to the top and allowing the loose hulls to flow over and… Continue Reading “Hydroponics – Time To Eat!”