Month: June 2022

Patio Tranquillity

The first DIY project we did when we moved into our new house (2017), we turned a 400 gallon poly tub (livestock water trough) into a patio pond. The aquatic plants help to keep the water clean for the fishes, that actually produce waste… Continue Reading “Patio Tranquillity”

Pick Me!

Barn Swallows build a mud-based nest up under the eaves or on the walls of houses and barns. I have been watching a pair that has a nest right outside my office door which I use often to water my patio plants and feed… Continue Reading “Pick Me!”

Dickcissel Love

Let’s get one thing straight; I’m not a wildlife voyeur. Sometimes, I’m just privy to events that maybe were intended to be private. I had my camera poised at a Bluebird nest box, waiting for a parent to arrive with grubs to feed the… Continue Reading “Dickcissel Love”

Oh Deer, Oh Deer

I had turned south along a mowed path that ran parallel to the pond, which was to my left. The tall trees that create a hedge row (to my right) had all but prevented my view of what was to come. As I rounded… Continue Reading “Oh Deer, Oh Deer”

Hummer in the Shadows

Ruby-throated Hummingbirds were hanging out in the shade with me, yesterday afternoon. I actually saw a few birds panting from the heat. I have seen other birds pant (especially females in nest boxes that are incubating – poor gals.) But, I don’t think I’ve… Continue Reading “Hummer in the Shadows”

Carolina Golfer

I suspect that the warmer climate of the Carolinas draws more golfers than my mid-western location, but we seem to have a pair of Carolina Wrens that has an affinity to the sport of golf. A couple of weeks ago my husband alerted me… Continue Reading “Carolina Golfer”

Growing Up

It is hard work to raise a brood of chicks from hatch to fledging. The Tree Swallows at the PVC box near the pond are incredibly dedicated to the task, as shown in this series of photos I took yesterday (6/11/22.) The parents were… Continue Reading “Growing Up”

In the Shadows

I was able to capture images of a couple of birds that are spending a lot of time in the underbrush at this time. The Brown Thrasher and Gray Catbirds are feeding their chicks lots of insects, as evidenced by what they have in… Continue Reading “In the Shadows”

“Chirp” – not a bird

Norma’s puppies that were born March 19th, have all gone to their new homes… except one. All the puppies received Springtime names like Blossom, Robin, Tadpole and Rain. Puppy Chirp remains unspoken for at this time. I am surprised I didn’t post this image… Continue Reading ““Chirp” – not a bird”


These Tree Swallow chicks are getting big enough to be seen in the nest box. What goes in must come out – this image shows the unpleasant duty of removing poop from the nest. When I was filming this pair, the female arrived a… Continue Reading “Begging”