an Apple A Day?

Well, not quite an apple a day. Apparently, some critter(s) are eating their fruit judiciously.

There are two apples serving the wildlife

This is the apple tree in the corridor where I see many types of birds. I have seen a deer and her fawn in the area, as well. And, by the looks of the bites, this may be something like a raccoon. The apples are hanging around 6.5 feet off the ground, so a deer would have to stand on her back legs (which they can do to get something tasty like an apple.) But an opossum or raccoon would find it easy – but not easy “pickings” because the apple remains on the tree!

I believe a Trail Cam is in order. Maybe we can make the time to get that set up today!

One Comment on “an Apple A Day?

  1. The squirrels devoured our apples. I could see the pesky creatures as they did it. I do know the damage racoons and opossums do, we have plenty of them in our yard at night. Good luck on recording the apple eater.

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