A Few Fun Shots

I feel lucky to have captured a Gray Catbird harvesting twigs for a nest.

Here are a few images of the melodious Dickcissel. This species spends an amazing amount of times at the top of trees singing a raspy song.

Here’s a Brown Thrasher with a mouthful of worms that it is taking back to its nest in the base of a thick shrub along a fence line.

A Dickcissel photo-bombing the Bluebirds!

Quite a handsome Eastern Kingbird was clinging to a thin branch during very high winds. But, I was able to get a couple of decent photos that made his appear quite tranquil, when he was actually bobbing up and down and all around.

Some of the local wild flowers that bring cheer to my jaunts around our farm.

A lovely Tree Swallow perched near the pond.

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