Back for School

Chirp is a home-bred pup out of Kindred and Norma. He just turned a year old 3-19-23. When he was a puppy, I was able to do a little fun work with him before he went to his new owners, who took him home when he was 16 weeks old.

Chirp returned to us in January to begin his formal Service Dog training for his future handler, a 16 year old girl who will use him to gain independence and confidence as she negotiates the world with her disability.

Here is a photo of Chirp on his birthday! His owner sent us some fancy dog treats and a birthday hat for his celebration.

We’ve been working with Chirp as he grows his skills to become a wonderful Service Dog.

Here are some short videos of some public access work.

Here’s a video showing one way that we help to impart trust and confidence in a dog.

Here’s Chirp showing his self restraint around the toy isle at the department store!

As we have been training Chirp, his mannerisms have reminded me of both is mother, Norma and his father, Kindred. I can honestly say, that he seems to have inherited their best qualities. Chirp is a wonderful, kind, willing partner. We are excited to teach his owner how to handle him so that she can benefit from his wonderful energy and organic devotion.

Norma is due to whelp in just over two weeks. It’s a repeat breeding, so we can expect some really remarkable pups just like Chirp!

Here’s the link to the upcoming litter info: PUPPIES!

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