Say Cheese!

Robert and I are accustomed to taking photos of dogs. I create a custom ID for each dog that comes for Service Dog training. It’s a standard “head-shot” and usually takes just a couple of minutes to get a good shot. Sometimes, we need to squeak a toy or toss something in the air to get a dog’s best expression – with alert ears and bright eyes. But, Jaz… well, he was a dog of a different character. Let’s just say he wasn’t the most photogenic pup we’ve filmed.

While Jaz may not have had the best face portrait, he looks great from the other end. Here’s a video during his Custom Training with Committed Canine (Robert is the handler, I’m the videographer.) We’re in Menard’s practicing Public Access skills. This snippet is the “drop the leash” exercise demonstrating that, in the event the handler loses control of the leash, the dog will remain under control and in heel position. Enjoy!

This video shows that we are not all best viewed from the same perspective!

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