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I’m coming clean. Back in the day, when I worked in Corporate America, I was a judger. When I walked up to a co-workers cubicle,I tried to refrain from judging. But, sometimes my mind slipped and I would think, “enough already with the kid photos.” The Halloween picture from last year – when the little boy was Spiderman – represents the child in his costume, right? Is it really necessary to hang another photo from the following year when he was a cowboy? Yes. I get it now. I’m sure some people wonder about my blog posts. Didn’t she post photos of House Finches three days ago?

Joy is worthy of seeking. It’s a personal thing. Photos of wild birds bring me joy and for those of you who feel the same – you’re welcome. I’m very happy to share – for no other reason than that it will brighten your day. So, here are even more photos of a couple of pretty common birds (you make interpret that as “fairly common” or “lovely and common,” I won’t judge you.

The House Finch. It’s curious to me that the male’s summer plumage seems less intense red than the winter colors. I would figure that the brilliant colors would be withheld for the breeding season when males are trying to woo a mate. Still, I’m not mad about the winter flashes of crimson. I love seeing the intense hue during the drab months of beige and brown.

Black-capped Chickadee. That is if nobody tells me it’s a Carolina Chickadee. I live at a zone where the two species overlap. The differences are quite difficult to discern for the untrained birder. These birds fly up to a feeder platform, pick a seed or nut, then fly off faster than I can typically film them. However, at times the bird will only land a few yards away where it will hold the seed between its feet and chip away at the shell. I have dozens of photos of this bird with its head tucked under its shoulders and its beak hidden between its feet. Those pictures pretty much look like a blob on a branch. I have several pictures of the Chickadee hanging up-side-down doing the same – and only a few of those are worth sharing for that same reason. Far fewer shots present the lovely, little bird in it’s entirety! I feel fortunate for having captured this cutie doing what it does.

Crows. This is a species you either love ’em or you hate them. I love them. I hadn’t been able to get a photo of them until now. They seem to be gathering like a large family during the holidays! They are loud and I adore it. I’ve devised a plan to try to lure them close enough to film -but, it might go completely awry. Hopefully, I will be able to catch the glint in the eye of one of these beauties at some point. If so, I’ll obviously share it, here.

One Comment on “Cool Images

  1. Very nice, I like the photo of the finch with a seed in its mouth! And I agree, I love crows too. Fortunately where I live I have a family of them that visit my garden often.

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