Sing Like A Lark!

The Eastern Meadowlarks begin singing very early in Spring and they sing throughout the summer and early autumn.

Typically, I see these birds on the ground where they hunt for grubs and insects. On occasion, I do see them in trees – often after I have inadvertently scared them up off the ground. Other times, I believe it is merely another of their behaviors to belt out their melodious song to anyone who might be within ear shot.

I saw this bird in the very top of the Osage Orange trees – which are about 50 feet tall. It was a great distance from where I was, so the resolution isn’t wonderful. But, it’s worth sharing these images and this is an iconic bird in my mind. We live on what was once prairie, and the Meadowlarks seems well adapted to this terrain.

In the next image, you can see that there was a second Meadowlark perched in the same tree, and another photo where a Mourning Dove took a location quite close by to the Meadowlark.

The Meadowlark has a heavy body and never looks very agile when in flight.

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