Mama, We Hungry!

Because he has seen me many time perched on the steering wheel of my golf cart with my camera balanced in my hands, my neighbor Greg stopped by today to alert me that he had found a Red-tailed Hawk nest. Of course, I followed him to a spot where he stopped and pointed up the tall trunk of a Hickory tree.

I positioned myself in such as a way as to capture the activity, and then I waited. And, I waited. Then, I missed the first exit as the bird simply slithered out the back side and I hardly noticed.

Then, I waited for her return. And, I waited some more. Finally, my patience was rewarded and a hawk flew into the nest then settled down. From the distance I was, I couldn’t tell much. I thought I could decipher the bird’s eyes, but I actually wasn’t sure if that’s what I was perceiving.

I couldn’t wait to return home and plug in the SD card into my computer. And, it yielded a wonderful surprise. First, I realized that it was a pair of Red-shouldered Hawks. I determined this based on the stripes on the birds’ tail feathers. The male (I assume) vocalized frequently to his mate when she was in the nest. On one occasion I was able to get a few still shots of him as he perched about 40 feet from the nest in a tall tree. Those photos helped me identify the species.

The best bit of video that I took shows the female (I’m just assuming it was the female – it could have been the male) showing up with a snack for two chicks (maybe there were three.) They showed their presence only very briefly.

Here are a few of the still shots that I captured of the male ((I’m assuming this is the male.) He’s not yawning, he is screeching and his mate was in the nest at that time.

Here are still shots of the female (I assume) in the nest.

I’m super excited to have been alerted to this nest. Now that I know they are feeding chicks, I will stop by to capture their progress as often as I get the chance. Stay tuned.

4 Comments on “Mama, We Hungry!

  1. Hi Tammie, Nice nest however this is the nest of a Red Shouldered Hawk, not Red Tailed Hawk. Pretty Mama Red Shoulderd Hawk sitting on the nest.

    • Hi Rhett’s
      If you read the article you’ll find out that I know that…but my neighbor initially told me it was a red-tailed, but then I was able to view photos I took to determine it’s a pair of Red-shouldered hawks.

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