Milkweed & Pollinators

The hedgerows that populate our retired farm are home to many native species of plants, like this Common Milkweed which is critical to the Monarch Butterfly’s survival. The adult butterflies thrive on their nectar and lay their eggs on the plant. The caterpillars eat the leaves of the plants. Milkweed is an all around good bloom for pollinators.

Check out the intricacy of that wonderful flower. I actually think that botanists refer to the flower’s design as “complex.” It’s a large ball of many smaller flowers. I also notice that a single milkweed plant will be topped with multiple blooms which mature at varying rates. That gives the the pollinators more food over a longer period of time.

I feel very grateful that we have been able to allow our farm to naturalize and support the native species. It makes me happy to see the biodiversity that exists in our little parcel of green space.

One Comment on “Milkweed & Pollinators

  1. Very nice, you have nice open sun areas. Common Milkweed came to us and struggles in our shady area. Some Monarch larvae has been seen.

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